Study on the impact of conversational automation

Nu Echo is an expert in intelligent conversational automation. We are currently conducting a vast study to learn more about the vision and the challenges that organizations face in adopting these new technologies (also known as “conversational AI”).

This is why we are asking for your opinion today. This survey focuses on the use by organizations of automated conversational solutions using artificial intelligence (AI).

It takes approximately 8 minutes to answer all of the questions. All data collected will remain anonymous.

We will publish the results of this survey so that you can access the entire set of data.

Thank you for your collaboration!

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* 1. What is your level of knowledge in the conversational automation field?

The purpose of conversational automation is to make use of artificial intelligence to automate some of the tasks usually done by a human (agent, advisor, employee, etc.) in a conversational context (vocal or written) with a human interlocutor. It can take two main forms:
  • Automation of the conversation, where one of the human interlocutors is replaced by a conversational robot for a part or all of the conversation. In that case, the conversation takes place between the robot and its human interlocutor, but it can be taken over by a human agent should there be a problem.
  • Agent assist, where a robot listens in on the conversation between a human agent and their client and assists the agent in their work, whether by suggesting answers to provide, questions to ask, actions to take or by authenticating the client with their voice print.

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* 2. Are you involved in customer service center?

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* 3. Where do you think conversational automation could have the greatest impact?
Choose a maximum of two answers

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* 4. Within your organization, do the following items represent an obstacle for the implementation of a conversational automation system?

  Not at all  Minor obstacle Major obstacle Don’t know
Selection of technologies or conversational platforms
Access to experts to implement systems and train personnel
Cost of the project
Return on investment
Technical issues
Resistance to change within the organization

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* 5. Which conversational automation platforms are you currently considering?
Choose all that apply.

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* 6. What would be your motivations to quickly start a conversational automation project?
Choose all that apply

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