Bpmonline Connector
Bpmonline Connector
Get actionable insights by connecting your SurveyMonkey to bpm’online
3 Email Surveys to multiple contacts directly from bpm'online
3 Generate trackable SurveyMonkey web links
3 View and analyse your responses within the “Survey Responses” detail in each survey. You can also view specific survey responses within the SurveyMonkey tab of the contact record
3 View all your Survey/ Collector and Message details

Agovo’s new integration with SurveyMonkey and bpm’online CRM makes it easy to bring sales people and customer success managers closer.

With this connector, you can view, manage and send surveys directly from bpm’online. Responses to email and web link survey's will automatically link to the contact record. This allows you to gather valuable insight and ideas for your business which makes improving customer experience easier than ever.

By utilising bpm’online’s powerful business process automation engine, you can automatically send surveys directly to customers after they have triggered an event. As an example, when a customer finishes a training session or demonstration, the system will automatically send a survey to that customer asking how it went.

If you have any questions, we would love to help: support@agovo.co.uk.